Sharon C. Cooper

I’m happy to announce the release of my latest novel, ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED, book 2 of the Jenkins Family Series! Jada (JJ) Jenkins was first introduced in Still the Best Woman for the Job, book 1 of the Jenkins Family Series. You remember her right? Jada – the sassy, I’m-looking-for-a-rich-husband-not-love kind of woman, is one of the youngest members of the Jenkins Clan.

So, without further ado, here’s a snippet from ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED.

AllYou'llEverNeed 300x200


A woman wants what a woman wants…

Quick-witted, sassy, construction worker, Jada (JJ) Jenkins, loves the finer things in life. She’d rather be in designer clothes and stilettos than sporting steel-toe boots and a hard hat. She hates getting dirty and worst, sweating. Jada’s ready to quit her job and marry a wealthy man who’s able to support her shopping addiction and her expensive taste. She’s not looking for love, only a comfortable…

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