Sharon Cooper’s recent post struck a groove with me.

I feel as though I’m always a little off balance and that can be fun. But when too much is rushing at you all the time, it’s not healthy. You summarized it perfectly here.

Each morning I “enter my day” as my friend Melanie advised with some yoga stretches and 15 minutes of prayer and reflection. (In fact I just finished.) It gives me a great start to my day and helps me focus on today’s goals and God’s will.

Sharon C. Cooper

Balance For the last two days, I’ve taken a much-needed break – short – but a break nonetheless. So as I prepared for my busy day today, I started it the way I usually do, with a morning devotion. My devotion this morning came from RUMC – The Word for You Today . Here’s the part that really caught my attention:

“If you are an ‘all-or-nothing’ person, the word for you today is, ‘stay in balance.’ Serve God fervently, but don’t forget to love your family and spend time with them. Work hard, but don’t forget to play, relax and ‘smell the roses.’ Think regularly about heaven, your permanent residence, but maximize every moment you have here on earth for God’s glory.”

Or as Joyce Meyer says: “I believe one of the major reasons why many people are stressed and burned out is because they’re going their own way instead of…

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