Writers are creative folks. We’re also people who spend much of our time alone with our keyboards, plot points and scene cards. Face it, a writer’s day can be very lonely. Reading blogs is a convenient way to connect with other writers out  in the blogosphere. But what are the best blogs for writers?

I did a little research and discovered that the Universities and Colleges (U&C) website has compiled a rundown of the  Top 100 Blogs to Improve Your Writing in 2010. This eclectic listing of blogs is like being handed a writer’s menu of inspiration, motivation, creativity and new techniques. The bloggers are a mixture of writing experts, freelancers and editors representing every genre.

U&C selected these blogs because of their uniqueness. They share “one goal: to help everyone in the writing industry improve their craft with the power of technology and social media,” according to the site.

I’ve taken a few minutes to get aquainted with some of the blogs. Kudos to U&C and each of the bloggers for providing a service to the writing community. So far, I’ve met the Evil Editor, learned a bit from the Grammar Girl at Quick & Dirty Tips and travelled along the Writing Roads. Three blogs down and 97  to go.

This hot 100 is a central spot for writers of every stripe to converge, share information and lament disappointment.  Give yourself a treat and check out this list.