It’s Spring and I want to clean out closets, toss out useless stuff and make more space for life’s important things. Of course at the top of the list is family. But with regularity, I see “time to work on my novel”  steadily climbing the chart.  Along with it comes my desire to find the best place to write.

This morning I read a jewelry blog – Bling It On – and I was encouraged to see that all artisans struggle with this.  The blog was written testimony that creativity can happen anywhere, even on a familyroom couch. 

Where Women Create -- Spring 2010

My current writing space is a nook in the corner of our livingroom. Pencils and papers, handwritten notes and piles of research books are strewn around. It shows that a novice writer lives there. My space is a lot like the one Denise Yezbak Moore writes about in her blog, only her tools of the trade are beads, painting supplies and sewing materials.

I often dream about having a room where I could close the door at the end of a productive writing session. But I’ve realized that waiting for the perfect spot to write is like waiting for the perfect word or phrase. It might come eventually, but in the meantime, you’ve wasted a whole lot of time waiting.