I am the color of the sun, bright and warm; gentle and strong.

I am the brilliance that brings the promise of spring, hopeful and fresh. I am the vivid yellow of a March-born daffodil, bright and uncompromising; strong and comforting. The birth of dandelions and tulips as they point their head toward the skies.

I am the hue of golden rays to heat up the summer’s day. I am the reason for long hours and lazy afternoons; the flavor explosion in your mouth after biting into a ripe lemon, bitter and tart; sour and sharp. The taste of lemonade and sno-cones and they cool you and slide down your throat.

I am the shade that paints your future and your plans; your fancies and your dreams. I color your promises and your compromises; your victories and your failures

Goldenrod, saffron, lemon twist, dandelion, cornflower, macaroni and cheese, you find me in every one of these. I bring hope, optimism, expectation and fulfillment as only the color snatched from the sun can.