Other than wearing green when I was in grade school (and getting pinched if I didn’t), I knew very little about St. Patrick’s Day.

That changed some 30 years ago when I met and then married an Irishman who’s birthday just happens to fall on March 17. I became IBM (Irish by Marriage) and had to learn quickly about all things Irish.

I’ve found out that the feast of St. Patrick is not held on his birthday, but rather the anniversary of his death, that a shamrock (unlike a four-leaf clover) has only three leaves and that I’m blessed with the gift of gab, even though I haven’t kissed the Blarney Stone. With encouragement from my mother-in-law, Anna Marie, I find rainbows everywhere and I’m still looking for a leprechaun to lead me to that pot of gold.

For us, St. Patrick’s Day is more than an excuse to drink green beer and add O’ to everything we say. It’s a celebration of those who descended from the lads and lasses of Erin. It’s a day to sing Danny Boy and eat our fill of corned beef and cabbage. But most importantly, it’s a time to take pride in our family and its heritage.

As an “honorary” Irish gal, I’m proud and happy to share in this original green celebration with my husband, our sons and all those who were born Irish, or wish they were.

Test your Irishness with this “All Things Irish” quiz, courtesy of the History.com.  http://www.history.com/content/stpatricksday/all-things-irish-quiz

Erin Go Bragh!